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This post on high performance networking in Google Chrome will blow your tiny mind, even if, like me, you can only understand 10% of the words in it.

A couple of weeks ago I presented some stuff at Google’s Creative Sandbox in NYC. One of the things I showed was a wonderful hack where the Amazon Gift Registry was used to get relief supplies to a charity effort during Sandy. Turns out someone watching knew the people behind it and wrote a great blog post about the back story. Thanks to @matt_heindl for the blog post, to Katherine Dolan and friends for the great work, and to Jamie Gaetano for pointing me in the direction of the blog post.

Another Little Thing to Love About Sugru

When you’re ordering from Sugru, they have this little ’roundup’ at the bottom. It takes a bunch of stuff from your order form and formats it in a nice friendly way. Reassures you they’ve got it all under control :-)

Checkout - the future needs fixing - sugru

In case you don’t know the other reasons why you should love Sugru, well here’s a couple of things:

It’s a pretty amazing product:

And they wrote this really decent thing about fixing stuff called the Fixer’s Manifesto:


And they invite people to fix the manifesto on Github which seems like a very good idea.

Go Sugru.

The Bits They Left Behind

Here’s two albums I’ve been listening to a lot this week. Both take hectic full-on electronic music and strip out the driving force and beats to leave ambient-y soundscape-like made mainly from pads, synths and effects.

First up Lee Gamble’s Diversions 1994-1996 [Spotify | Rdio]
(thanks to @nikroope for the recco)

Boomkat say:

It has a concept so brilliant and simple we can’t quite believe it hasn’t been done before, taking the burning embers, breakdowns and ambient interludes off classic Jungle mixtapes and re-assembling them into a ghostly ambient-not-ambient mix that’s at once hugely nostalgic and totally forward thinking – so so good.

Secondly Ricardo Donoso’s – Progress Chance [Spotify]

Boomkat say:

‘Progress Chance’ is based on the “morning dance music” of raves which Ricardo visited as a youth, namely the Goan and Scandinavian strains of heavily gated and arpeggiated dance music, but he’s removed the unwieldy rhythms to leave lushly pulsating patterns and the all-important chord changes which carried all the emotive weight, resulting in something quite unexpected and brilliant.

Love the term “morning dance music” especially when it’s applied to full on banging Goa trance.

Super Hacky Way to Make Beats

Let’s just forget about the legality of any of this. It’s fast and dirty and fun. In case anyone wants to know what the controller is, it’s a Midi Fighter Pro.

First Mix of 2013


Not only am I going to try and keep a blog going, I’m also going to try to keep my musical hand in too. I’m aware that trying to do more than one thing at the same time is completely and utterly beyond me, but humor me for a bit. And if I fail at one, maybe the other will survive.

Here’s the first mix of the year. It’s the usual ploddy boring dad house. Hope you enjoy it.

Backwards Fireworks


Fireworks are good. Backwards they’re also good. Happy New Year.

via: Colossal

Tuttuki Bako


I know this is old gold. It’s been around for years. But I chanced upon it again yesterday and was reminded of the genius of this toy featuring a completely unique glory-hole interaction pattern.

Plus I’d never seen this particular video featuring the hands of the one and only Matt Jones. He’s got very hand-modelly hands, don’t you think?

Ice Record


Missed this over the holidays: Working record made from ice – Boing Boing. I suppose it’s one way to stop piracy (or ensure that people search for a listenable version of your song to pirate).

The top 2 comments on YouTube say it all really (as usual)…

Screenshot 02:01:2013 20:14

New Year, New York, New Blogging Attempt

New York Skyline

It was almost a year ago exactly that I set up Enthusiasm for a blank sheet of paper, blah, blah, blah.

Then I posted halfheartedly for a couple of months. Then I posted a big bombshell about leaving my job, moving to New York, and to Google. Then nothing. Not a peep.

I could make a bunch of excuses about moving house, trying to get my arse in gear in a new city, blah, blah, blah. All of it true. All of it rather lame. But instead I’m just going to pull up my crappy socks and give it another go.

I’ve got a spanky new template called Memoir by Design Crumbs - I picked it because it was simple and free from tomfoolery that would distract me from actually posting stuff. Oh, and it looks really nice on mobile devices – which I think might be big in 2013. No really. People might start looking at the internet on their phones ;-)

Hello 2013. Hello world. Go easy on me, I’ve forgotten how this stuff works…