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The Bits They Left Behind

Here’s two albums I’ve been listening to a lot this week. Both take hectic full-on electronic music and strip out the driving force and beats to leave ambient-y soundscape-like made mainly from pads, synths and effects.

First up Lee Gamble’s Diversions 1994-1996 [Spotify | Rdio]
(thanks to @nikroope for the recco)

Boomkat say:

It has a concept so brilliant and simple we can’t quite believe it hasn’t been done before, taking the burning embers, breakdowns and ambient interludes off classic Jungle mixtapes and re-assembling them into a ghostly ambient-not-ambient mix that’s at once hugely nostalgic and totally forward thinking – so so good.

Secondly Ricardo Donoso’s – Progress Chance [Spotify]

Boomkat say:

‘Progress Chance’ is based on the “morning dance music” of raves which Ricardo visited as a youth, namely the Goan and Scandinavian strains of heavily gated and arpeggiated dance music, but he’s removed the unwieldy rhythms to leave lushly pulsating patterns and the all-important chord changes which carried all the emotive weight, resulting in something quite unexpected and brilliant.

Love the term “morning dance music” especially when it’s applied to full on banging Goa trance.